Riskscape staff and management have a combined experience in GIS, actuarial sciences and artificial intelligence.  Our teams have impressive credentials in various domains, giving us access to not only leading thinkers in their various disciplines, but a synergistic niche combination of skills which is unique in most markets.
Our Team consists of Actuaries, GIS Professionals, Statisticians, Mathematicians and Engineers. The Riskscape team builds solutions based on the intelligent use of geographical information, and spatial and other data. Our solutions maximizes value for our customers by applying actuarial, mathematical, and machine learning sciences to our unique spatial information. This provides new insights in the field of geographical data analysis, where additional data obtained from various sources gives us the ability to bring innovative new solutions to the market.
Our experience and knowledge of local demographics across Africa, have helped us to create new solutions in the Know-Your-Customer domain which enables access to financial and mobile services to even the most rural customers. Riskscape believes that our solutions serve as enablers to navigate the many regulatory compliance issues related to Banking and Mobile Operator environments, which are often obstacles to innovation in these and other sectors.
Our deep actuarial experience range from Enterprise Risk Management to Financial and non-Financial risk management, including pricing and decision support through analytics.
Combining this experience with our GIS skill set, solutions for Big Data environments can effectively be offered.


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Friday, July 13, 2018