Vicareo began with its technological backgrounds in 2014. Followed by serious intensive researches that have lead to the development of “RefCam” a unique professional sports action camera designed to broadcast wirelessly at any sporting event.
We successfully launched the RefCam in January 2016 at the NHL All-Star game in Nashville, TN, USA. Sportsnet a division of Rogers Media became the first media company in the world to broadcast through Refcam. The successful launch began what’s being referred to as a revolution in the broadcasting, sports and entertainment industries.
RefCam brings viewers closer to the action at live sporting events than ever before allowing them to experience the event from an entirely new perspective.
The RefCam HD-I is specifically designed to be worn with or integrated into a sports helmet. The RefCam HD-I features a sleek, contoured design, enabling it to be unobtrusive during any professional sporting event, in addition to being imperceptible to the wearer. It features an easy to clip on battery module, giving the RefCam HD-I at least four hours of continuous runtime.
Features include H.264 HD encoding, operation in the standard 2k DVB-T COFDM mode and compatibility with Vicareo’s wide array of IP diversity and handheld receivers. The RefCam HD-I supports standard dual-band operation (licensed 2GHz and ISM 2.4). The low profile antennas are optimized for all stadium environments. Is a small, low-power consumption, COFDM, HD video transmitter with an integrated high definition camera that captures footage from the referee’s point of view. Accessories for the RefCam HD-I include items enabling plug and play use for simplified operation.


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Friday, July 13, 2018