Master’s Men Remodeling & Construction

When working with Master’s Men Remodeling & Construction, you are hiring a team that is dedicated to your satisfaction and your family’s well-being. It is our desire that when we have completed the work on your home or business, you will eagerly hire us again for any of your remodeling needs.
Master’s Men Remodeling & Construction was birthed out of a year- long relief effort in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Chris McCutchan, owner, and his wife picked up and left their lives in Columbia, South Carolina, and moved to Gulfport, Mississippi, to volunteer in the relief effort. Their mission was to rebuild homes and neighborhoods that were devastated by the storm. During this time, Chris worked alongside hundreds of families and lead thousands of volunteers in rebuilding broken homes and lives.
He gained invaluable experience, working with people and helping them put their lives back together. He brings this same attitude back to Lexington, South Carolina. He is not only interested in making your home look better and last longer, but also in your satisfaction in the job performed


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Thursday, December 6, 2018