Absolutely Simple Designs

Interior designer duo Leila Flores and Nichole Decoteau make up Absolutely Simple Designs located in Danville, East Bay.

Nichole Decoteau loves to find and restore vintage furniture and accessories. She believes that less is more and respects the truth and integrity of materials and methods. Experiencing first hand the waste of resources in architecture and building, has led her to search for socially conscious solutions and awareness of every object and design created. In 2009 Nichole passed the LEED exam for new construction and found re-purposing objects in everyday life makes her very happy.

Leila Flores draws her creative spirit and inspiration for decorating and designing from countless of hours studying and learning from architectural and design books. Organizing and decorating her own home, friends, relatives, extended relatives and acquaintances homes became her informal education and hands on experience.
Absolutely Simple was founded based on Leila's strong desire to be significant combined with her life long passion of helping people create an organized, simple, functional, comfortable, livable, serene, beautiful and elegant spaces.
She prides herself in delivering exceptional, superior and extraordinary service.
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Friday, April 13, 2018