How to Develop a Tagline that has Impact

Branding connects your small business to your customers and helps you stand out from the competition. A key element of your brand, in addition to a great name and visual presentation, is a tagline that sums up what you're all about.

The right tagline is memorable and conveys your value to the market. Perhaps the most well-known tagline is Nike's 'Just Do It,' which captures the company's mission "to be known for helping customers achieve their personal best."

A strong tagline helps communicate your vision and values in a succinct statement. With the right twist, a tagline packs a punch with the information and words that appeal to your target audience.

If it's time to give your tagline a tune up — or create one from scratch —here's how to develop one with impact and staying power.



How to Create a Tagline

Creating a tagline may seem like the kind of task you need to hand off to a creative agency. Yet you can create your own tagline by focusing on three questions:

  • What experience am I creating for customers? What's your most important value or benefit to customers? Think about Disney's tagline: “The happiest place on Earth." It's immediately apparent they want to create an outstanding customer experience for guests.
  • What makes you different than the competition? Consider State Farm Insurance's tagline: “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there." It instantly conveys the brand's approach to the products and services they provide, and helps them present themselves as part of their community.
  • What language would appeal to our audience? Certain audiences love humor or a clever twist. Others want straightforward brand promises in simple language. By thinking about your audience and how they communicate, you'll be able to frame your ideas in an accessible way.

Tagline Best Practices and Pitfalls

Following these best practices – and avoiding common pitfalls – will help you create an unforgettable impression:

  • Clear before clever. A cute tagline is great — if it resonates with your audience and supports your brand. But it's even more important your tagline is clear. Someone who has never heard of your brand should hear your tagline and understand what you stand for.
  • Be specific. The most effective taglines are very specific to your brand, product and experience. M&Ms is a great example: “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand." It's a perfect fit for the hard-shelled candy, but wouldn't make sense for a chocolate bar or other candy.
  • Don't mistake a jingle for a tagline. Jingles are a musical subset of taglines targeting audio. Your tagline should work across formats: print, digital and verbal.

Register a Related Web Domain

One final step you can take is registering a domain based on your tagline. Whether you create a custom landing page or redirect to your main site, this can be a smart investment. Customers remember your tagline and will use it to search for you. Make it easy to find your website with a tagline-based domain strategy.


The Bottom Line

A high impact tagline can help shape customer's idea of the product and experience you offer. Use taglines to define your most important offerings and competitive differentiators with phrases that resonate with your target audience.

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Posted on Date:
Tuesday, June 4, 2019