Facebook Video Marketing Without a Big Budget: Top Tools & Gear

Facebook has been tweaking its algorithm to show more posts from family, friends, and pages users have interacted with recently. Some small businesses are finding that their posts aren't being shown in the feeds of their followers. The solution? Posting engaging videos. Facebook videos reach up to 86% more viewers than any other kind of content on the platform. And viewers retain 95% of the content that they see in a video compared to 10% of the material that they read in text.

Affordable Facebook video marketing

It doesn't have to be expensive and time-consuming to create videos for your Facebook feed. These tools are free or cheap and easy to use:

1. Facebook Creator

Facebook's free tool is a multi-purpose mobile application that lets you create videos and go live. Facebook Creator (for iOS and Android) includes a 'Video Creation Kit' that converts existing text and images into mobile-optimized video content framed in the aspect ratio of 9:16 for Facebook Stories or 1:1 for the Facebook Feed. Users also get access to pre-built templates that are designed to show product benefits, sell multiple products, drive product discovery, or promote a product.

Another noteworthy feature of Facebook Creator is the 'Live Creative Kit'. It gives you access to integrated tools that make it easy to launch a Facebook Live broadcast with a fun and personalized vibe. You can add intros that serve as openers to your broadcasts, live stickers that your followers can use to interact, outros that conclude your footage, and frames that help you show off a consistent brand image. Plus, you get access to metrics that help inform content creation, including analytics about your videos, fans and Facebook Business Page.

2. Biteable

Biteable calls itself the world's simplest video maker. Its library boasts dozens of stunning, free-to-use video templates with footage for every occasion. All you have to do is pick a template, choose a scene, add text and insert an audio clip. In addition to templates, Biteable also offers claymation and animation sequences to help you create explainer videos.

You also have the option to create a video from scratch. In this case, Biteable lets you choose from several animation elements to use in your footage. Users also get access to a large pool of Shutterstock video clips, many of which are included in the free plan. Lastly, you can post the finished video on your Facebook Page, or download it to use in your Facebook video marketing campaign.

The paid plan ($29/month) offers the ability to upload custom video clips and remove the Biteable watermark. You can test it out with the free plan, which allows you to create five videos per month and post HD-quality footage to Facebook.

3. Animoto

Animoto is a cloud-based video builder that allows you to create professional-grade videos for product teasers, new releases and other marketing activities. You simply choose the type of video you want to produce, select a storyboard, upload audio and images, and then share your video on Facebook. Currently, you can choose from more than 50 templates including Year In Review, Weekly Feature, Step-Based Tutorial, Product Catalog, Event RSVP, Behind The Scenes, and more.

Its standout feature is the drag-and-drop style editor that makes it a breeze to create footage. You can drag images directly into the media area or insert them into the template, as well as apply filters. Users can also test different colors and fonts, choose music to play in the background, and adjust the amount of time an image displays on the screen.

Sign up for the $24/month professional plan to produce high-quality HD videos, remove Animoto branding and use your own logo as a corner watermark. There's also a basic plan ($8/month), which allows you to create unlimited 720p videos (with the Animoto watermark).

The gear you need

Good news: You don't need to invest heavily in high-end video gear to record your footage. All you need is:

  • A good camera. If you have a smartphone, you probably already are equipped with an amazing camera for recording high-quality footage. Any model from the iPhone 7 and above (and Android phone models capable of filming at a resolution of 1,334 * 750 pixels and above) should be good enough for shooting your Facebook videos.
  • A tripod. To avoid shaky footage, put your smartphone on a tripod. There are many inexpensive options, such as the Bluetooth Tripod Kit ($19) from TEAMAR. It's compatible with most iPhones and Android devices, and comes with a Bluetooth remote control that allows you to record footage from a distance.
  • Decent lighting. Try to record videos in a place with as much natural light as possible. Simple lighting equipment like the Flashpoint 13-inch Fluorescent Ring Light ($40) and Lume Cube ($79.99) can also make a world of difference.
  • A mic. Good audio is one of the most critical aspects of social media videos. People won't want to watch if they can't hear anything. Fortunately, an inexpensive microphone can make all the difference. Some good options are Comica CVM-VS08 ($45.99) and Rode VideoMic GO ($61.95). Both are omnidirectional and offer noise cancellation.

With inexpensive gear and free or cheap video editing tools, small business owners can create videos that make their Facebook Page come alive. As a result, your content will be more engaging — and more likely to appear in the feed of your followers.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018