Boost Your Business With These 7 Free Digital Marketing Tools

A strong digital marketing strategy is a cornerstone of building your brand, connecting with customers and standing out from the competition. The right tools can help you stay on track, distribute content and collect data — and they don't need to cost a fortune. To help you get more done, here's a roundup of seven free digital marketing tools that you can get started with today.


Content marketing is quickly becoming a favorite way to share information, educate customers and show what your brand is all about. Yet coming up with ideas can be a challenge. Get inspired by staying on top of the topics you care about with Feedly. Their tools include an RSS reader, the ability to track specific accounts on Twitter, save content to read later, and find great new resources with their discoverability features.

Moz SEO Toolbar

Search engine optimization helps ensure that your website and content are found on search engines like Google. Moz — one of the original SEO brands — has created a free, downloadable toolbar that provides helpful insights on the SEO strategy of any website you visit. Get ideas for how to improve your own website or get the inside scoop on what keywords and other details your competitors are targeting.

Google Analytics

In today's digital environment, knowledge is power — and Google Analytics lets you understand exactly what's happening with your website. By signing up for an account and installing a small code snippet on your website, you'll be able to track in-depth behaviors for your digital properties. Simple graphs make it easy to track visits, learn more about who is visiting your website, discover where they're coming from, and find out what they are doing on your site. From website optimization to content development, these insights can have significantly boost the results of your digital marketing.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

A great headline captures your audience's attention. From gaining traction with SEO to helping your content stand out from the crowd, a great headline is an important part of content marketing. CoSchedule's headline analyzer lets you input any headline. Their analysis looks at the wording, length, sentiment and structure of your headline and offers tips to strengthen it. In just a few seconds, you can write better headlines for strong content performance.


Social media marketing helps you connect directly with customers on a daily basis. Whether you're sharing content, promoting products or offering customer service, free social media marketing platforms can simplify your social workflow.

Hootsuite's free plan lets you manage up to three social profiles, schedule 30 social posts in advance and manage engagement from one interface.

TalkWalker Alerts

Posting to social media isn't the only goal. With social listening, you can track conversations about your brand, products and industry. TalkWalker's free alerts let you track mentions across blogs, websites, forums and Twitter — in one place. The tool makes it easy to define the term you want follow, choose delivery frequency and list an email of your choice.

Calls to action (CTAs) play an important role in marketing. They drive your audience toward your desired conversion, whether that's signing up for your newsletter or making a purchase.

With Sniply, you can add a CTA that users will see when they click your links. The CTA appears at the bottom of the content you share. For example, if you run a Greek restaurant and share a recipe, you can make a small pop-up message appear at the bottom of the recipe with a link that prompts customers to "Get a free appetizer at Athena Restaurant". This can make sharing content a more effective tactic for generating leads and bringing in customers.

Digital marketing is an intensive part of building your business. The good news is that there are a host of free tools that can help you get more done in every aspect of the field. As your needs evolve, explore these tools — and the many others that are on the market — designed to make your work more effective and help your business grow.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018