7 Effective Landing Page Ideas to Steal For Your Next Campaign

When you run an ad campaign for your small business, you can simply send people to your homepage. But often that's not the ideal destination as content isn't optimized to be relevant for the target audience or the keywords used in the ad campaign. You're likely to lose prospects to the distractions of your homepage with its multiple links.
A streamlined landing page can help you make a powerful first impression and convert more people into customers. So how do you get started with building a perfect landing page?
Take a cue from the pros. Here are seven ideas taken from landing pages built by successful businesses that are designed to turn prospects into leads.
1. Keep It Simple
Geico opts for landing pages that are spare with minimal and one primary call to action (CTA). This simple approach works well because you're not distracted by any visuals (except for their trademark gecko) and it's clear what you have to do to get started —provide your zip code in their one-field form. What clutter can you remove from your landing pages?
2. But Don't Take Shortcuts
For some businesses, long-form landing pages work best. While you might get fewer form submissions overall, chances are good that you'll get more high quality leads. For a good model, look at Webprofits — their landing page allows for immediate conversion at the top of the page, but also invites the visitor to scroll down and learn more. Note that Webprofits includes five CTA buttons ("Apply Now") on the page, so it remains front and center even when people scroll down. If you have a complex product or service, test to see if longer pages may actually work better for you.
3. Make a Case for Your Product or Service
Most people know how Airbnb works. But do they want to join Airbnb's community as hosts? Airbnb's landing page makes a convincing argument for why people would want to sign up for the service and become Airbnb hosts. Their landing page gives an estimate of how much money you could make per month based on your location and available space. The estimated monthly potential and a simple “Get started" button are prominently located in the upper right corner — and stay visible even as you scroll down. Think about what people need to know about your business before committing.
4. Leverage the Power of Video
Video is more popular than ever — it's projected to drive 82% of global internet traffic this year. Landing pages are no different. Featuring video on your landing page can increase conversions by more than 80%. SharpSpring is just one of many companies that embeds video on its landing page to offer a quick overview of their business. Consider adding video to your landing page to entice viewers to convert.
5. Appeal to the Eye
There's something to be said for having a beautiful landing page that features high-resolution photography and caters to your visitor's desires. In the case of H.Bloom, the tranquil beauty of a floral arrangement is put on display. The aesthetics of the page align well with the brand and goes a long way towards helping convince users to sign up for a service that will help them create a beautiful life. What can beautiful designs do for your business?
6. Strike the Right Tone
Bills.com has a straightforward landing page with a sliding scale that allows you to indicate your debt amount. You're then guided to a handful of pages prompting you to fill out more information and finally to see if you'd benefit from their services. The clean, simple user experience works well for a company that aims to demystify personal finance. Think about your business and what the right tone for your landing page would be.
7. Communicate Trust
When people aren't familiar with a product or service, they often ask friends and family for recommendations. But as the popularity of sites like Yelp testifies, the opinions of strangers count. Shopify's landing page puts front and center that the company is "trusted by over 600,000 businesses worldwide." The landing page further builds trust through a customer quote and logos of known media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and The New York Times. Communicate trust however you can, whether it's through data, associated partners, favorable reviews, or quotes from satisfied customers
The Bottom Line
Your landing page is often the first experience potential customers have with your business. Use the tips above to transform your landing page, capture more leads and showcase why visitors want to learn more.
Then, keeping tweaking your landing page to test what you can change to improve performance — for example, how many people download an app, subscribe to a newsletter, or provide their contact information. Setting up a unique domain for your landing pages can make it easier to track your landing pages and how well they convert, so you'll know which of these seven tips is most effective for your brand.
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Thursday, February 21, 2019