5 Tips for Choosing a Web-friendly Business Name

As a professional building a new business, choosing your company name is a chance to be both creative and savvy. Your company's name is about more than just identity. It also serves as an introduction to your brand story. And when you're competing for customers on the Internet, it's critical that your name be web-friendly. Before you settle on a name, ask yourself these five questions.
1. What are your customers looking for?
According to Synchrony Financial, 80% of shoppers research products online before buying. Choosing a brand name representative of products or services your customers are looking for can give your company an advantage in web searches, especially when your customers search without a specific brand in mind. Two great examples are Sleep.Organic and Site.PRO. These brand names are simple, search-friendly and memorable.
2. What differentiates your brand?
Capitalize on the strengths of your company. Choosing a brand name that describes how your business is different from your competitors instantly tells prospects why they should choose you. Incorporating what differentiates you can also help people find your business online, especially when they are looking for specialty brands. One example: Seattle Custom Cabinets, which not only describes the "what" of their specialty, but the "where" as well—important as more and more consumers decide to buy locally.
3. Are you the expert?
When what you're offering is your knowledge, skills or expertise, don't be afraid be the face of your brand. Potential customers may already be searching for you by name or trying to connect with you on social media. Using your own name in your branding makes it easier for them to find you. If you've already established a reputation, or your goal is to be seen as the expert in your industry, leveraging your name along with a .PRO domain name can help establish your brand as the go-to within your field. Fox Valley home builder John Henry is a good example.
4. What's your vision?
Your company vision is its story, specifically, the story of how the world becomes a better place when your business carries out its mission. This type of inspiration can be contagious to your clients, making them feel good about doing business with you and recommending your company to others. For example, young tech companies searching for start-up support may be drawn to a brand like Elevate Blue in their search results, and those interested in drone technology applications could be intrigued by EagleVision.PRO.
5. Is it available?
As you consider potential brand names, envision how each will work across all marketing channels, including - and especially - digital channels. Research availability and register your preferred name on all outlets before making a final decision. From your business website to social media and online marketplaces, ensuring a cohesive brand presence will improve your ability to be found and recognized everywhere.
Find out whether a .PRO domain name is available instantly for your preferred brand names, and get your business on the road to growth.


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Wednesday, April 19, 2017