4 Types of Content That Small Business Owners Can Easily Post on Facebook

Even with a small budget and limited resources, small businesses can use Facebook to connect with their customers and local community to drive sales and awareness.

It's likely one of the best marketing investments for most businesses as 53% of U.S. residents use Facebook several times a day, more than any other leading social channel.

However, a major challenge of using Facebook for business is that it's constantly changing—making it difficult to predict what types of content will drive results.

Here are four types of Facebook posts business owners can easily share with their audience to capture their attention, encourage interaction, and drive them to take action online and offline.

1. Host Facebook Lives

Facebook loves promoting its own features—so Facebook Lives show up higher in peoples' newsfeeds. When used effectively, it can be a great way to give your business extra visibility amongst your followers.

When doing a Facebook Live, consider the kinds of expertise your target customers would look to you for—and how you can share a taste of that with them. For example, EasyLunchboxes, a company that sells food containers, successfully held a Facebook Live demonstrating how to cook once and prepare multiple meals.

Consider doing a Q&A where potential clients can ask you questions, a webinar sharing some high-level expertise or demonstrating how a new product works, or even just a peek into your daily life as a business owner.

It's worth noting that, while Facebook Live is shared in real-time, it's still important to script out a general format for each stream to keep it organized and focused on a specific topic.

2. Create a Video Series

Another type of content given greater visibility on Facebook is video, so if you're wary of doing a live stream, consider creating some pre-recorded videos to share with your followers.

For example, Earthegy, a Virginia-based gemstone jewelry business, regularly shares videos featuring slideshows of products in a certain category like this one featuring turquoise pieces.

You could create anything from intricate time-lapse process videos showing off the creation of some of your recent work to simple selfie videos giving relevant tips to your customers. To make it easy on yourself, think of a consistent series you can do in the course of your day-to-day work.

3. Post with Local Partners

Collaborating with other local businesses on Facebook is an effective way of building awareness for your organization and driving your customers to shop with your partners.

When working with local partners on a giveaway, event or another activation, tag them in relevant posts shared on Facebook to reach their audience and increase your visibility.

Here Mad Mex, a Pennsylvania based Mexican restaurant, shared their Saint Patrick's Day alcohol specials and tagged the beer company Great Lakes Brewing as part of the promotion being offered. As a result of tagging their partner's Facebook page and the appealing image included, the post reached a large audience and drove additional awareness for the restaurant.

4. Invest in Facebook Advertising

Posting organically on Facebook alone won't drive the results you're looking for as the news feed has consistently reduced the visibility of content from businesses for years.

To account for this, allocate a portion of your marketing budget to advertising on Facebook with the goal of driving more visibility to the posts you're sharing and ensuring you're reaching the right people.

Think about the target audience your content is most likely to appeal to, and create some content to share that helps them solve a need and shows off your expertise, making them want to work with you next time they need extra support.

Integrate these types of posts into your organization's overall mix of content being shared to reach your customers consistently and drive true business value on Facebook.

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Posted on Date:
Wednesday, May 16, 2018