Manage Your New Business with these Must-Have Apps

You're good at what you do and you've developed expertise, so you've started your own business to leverage it. Smart! To be successful, however, you need to be professional, efficient and productive all at once. 
Fortunately, there are hundreds of apps that can help you get more done in less time. From managing your time to managing your money, your people, your ideas and your marketing, there are plenty of free and low-cost apps available to support you and your business.
Manage Your Time
New business owners need to track where their time is being spent and ensure they're billing clients accurately. This simple and free time tracker allows you to create projects or customer accounts and track the time you spend on each task. It's simple to use – and comes with a  quaint manual punch clock sound effect – and generates reports by client and date. 
This time management system allows you to record tasks that need to be completed and to track your progress on them, reminding you of upcoming due dates. At $39.99, this app is definitely on the pricey side, but it does a lot to help keep you on task and your workload under control.
Manage Your Work
This online bulletin board lets you store ideas, websites, articles, photos and links to other material. This free tool provides a single repository for business information, which you can sort and organize however works best for you — by client, by task, by date or other category. You can also search within the app for something you've previously saved.
Genius Scan
Leave your scanner at the office. With this app you can scan documents using your smartphone, for free, and convert them to PDF. 
Manage Your Money
This easy-to-use accounting software platform is one of the very few finance apps that is free to use. Track what you're owed, who you owe and how much, plus sales and expenses. The app also lets you generate reports to help you stay focused on bigger financial goals.
The most common payment processor today is still PayPal, which enables you to send and receive payments electronically. The cost per online transaction is 2.9% plus $.30, but varies for on-site or manually entered sales. Just set up an account, link it to your business bank account, and you're ready to do business.
Manage Your Team
This video conferencing tool is a great way to communicate with team members, customers, vendors or advisors, all for free. You only need a webcam and internet service to videochat with important contacts around the world.
Skype is still the gold standard in communication tools, allowing you to connect using audio or video with customers, employees and vendors around the globe. Calls are as little as 2.3 cents per minute in the US on a per-call basis.
Manage Marketing and Social Media
This free image editing software takes about five minutes to learn and is very handy. Crop, resize and adjust the color of images quickly and easily.
Want to do more on social media but can't seem to find the time? Hootsuite could be your answer, and for a single user, it's free. Set up and schedule social media posts on multiple platforms at the same time, all on one dashboard, plus generate reports to find areas for improvement. 
Instagram has become a standard marketing tool across many industries. Make management easier with this free app, which lets you plan, post and analyze your Instagram posts in one place.
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Posted on Date:
Tuesday, July 25, 2017