Joe Mouad, the owner of Ground Source, LLC, began with property maintenance in high school. It carried on into college, where he decided to focus primarily on business, as that was where his heart was.

In 2004, shortly after three hurricanes rolled through back-to-back (which many of you Florida residents will remember), the new installation business really picked up. Sod and landscape installation demand was huge, so a lot of focus was put on the install side of the business at that time. In 2006, the maintenance side of the business was eventually sold in order to dedicate 100% of efforts in installation and maintaining irrigation systems.

For nearly a decade, Joe and Ground Source have been cultivating customer relationships with as much care as they put into their work. The entire team is fully engaged in Florida life. They are experts in the climate and greenery of Florida but are also familiar with the culture. They take pride in being Central Florida’s own landscape solution provider.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015