Conway Baxter Wilson LLP

The lawyers at Conway Baxter Wilson LLP have the depth of experience and expertise required to handle the most sophisticated and complex civil litigation.  They are litigators, but above all they are practical and creative problem-solvers. Many of their peers and clients have commended them for our professionalism, sound judgment and excellence in advocacy. They are recognized as leaders in litigation in the National Capital Region and beyond. They are the legal team that business leaders, their legal counsel and other trusted advisors turn to when they need advice and practical advocacy skills. Their firm’s unique boutique format allows them to be agile, approachable, cost-effective and tech-savvy. From their location in the Nation’s Capital, Ottawa, Canada, we have built up a client base that is regional, provincial and national in scope.

Their priorities include:

Client relationships
They continually manage litigation costs and uncertainties so that surprises are kept to a minimum. The relationships they have developed with their clients are founded on respect and a commitment to provide good value for their fees.
Community Involvement
They have a deep commitment to the community, within the Nation’s Capital and beyond. Every lawyer of the highly capable team provides assistance on a pro bono basis through Pro Bono Law Ontario.
They use the latest information technology to operate a virtually paperless office. Optimizing the use of technology makes them more efficient and nimble and improves the services provided to clients.
Some of the most interesting files come from referrals from other lawyers seeking assistance with specialized litigation or advice. Their approach to referrals is built on collaboration, integrity and respect.  When assisting aclient, they are committed to preserving your hard-built client relationship while working to achieve a positive result.  
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Tuesday, December 5, 2017