Sibername, an ICANN accredited registrar, announces .PRO is now unrestricted

Sibername, an ICANN accredited registrar of the .PRO top-level domain, today announced that as of November 16, 2015, .pro domain names will become unrestricted to register through their website. Registrants will no longer be required to prove they are a licensed and credentialed professional when they register for a .pro domain name, but they will be required to state their profession. They will no longer have to include their license number, authority name, or authority website. Neither will there be a lengthy application process. Un-credentialed service professionals (or entities), operating anywhere in the world, will now be able to register one or several .pro host-names and they’ll have no limit as to how many they can register.

This extension was formerly reserved for professionals who could demonstrate they were government-certified professionals in only certain professions (like doctors, lawyers, engineers, certified accountants…). Since it started back in 2004, about 140,000 .pro domain names were registered by certified professionals. The renewal rate for the .pro domain has been around 75%. It is quite a successful domain name extension.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015