How To Get Powerful Results With Facebook Advertising & $10 Per Day

As a small business owner, you know that every dollar counts. So, when your advertising budget is small, your campaigns had better be smart. One way to target a mass audience for less is with Facebook advertising. Chances are the bulk of your prospects are on the platform, which boasts an active base of two billion people, more than half of whom are daily users. Even if you're just targeting a tiny fraction, the opportunity to generate new business is huge.
Business owners who balk at Facebook advertising generally worry that the "ROI is too low" or that "it's the playground of big spenders." But by implementing a few core design and targeting strategies you can leverage Facebook's powerful advertising capabilities without breaking the bank. We put together a simple Facebook advertising plan that you apply with just $10.
Let's jump in.
1. Choose the right Facebook ad objective
Before you start creating an ad, Facebook will ask you to choose an “objective" or goal for your campaign. You'll get several options: driving traffic to your website (aka, sending visitors to your site), getting likes on your page (promoting your branded page), getting more orders or email subscriptions on your site (increasing conversions), etc. 
As a small business or solopreneur with a limited budget, you may desire greater online visibility. In this case we suggest running a traffic-focused campaign. When you choose the Website Traffic objective, Facebook's algorithm will optimize your campaign to get the most traffic at the best price, according to your target audience, bid and budget. 
2. Target people who've shown a prior interest
Interest-based targeting is often the first thing business owners  think of when they're creating Facebook ads, but we recommend holding off on that until you establish a strong presence on Facebook. Instead, target people who've previously interacted with your company; they'll be more inclined to take action when navigating your website. 
You can do this by using the Custom Audience feature. This tool will create an audience based on your customer mailing list, phone numbers and Facebook user IDs. Again, these are individuals who already know about your business, so your ad set should be less about brand awareness and more action-oriented — tease a discount or another special deal that will entice the reader to click-through to know the full detail. 
3. Put Some Thought Into Your Ad Creatives 
If you're spending only $10 per day on Facebook ads, you need every ad unit to stand out. Don't settle for mediocre, poor-quality stock imagery or headline. Source visuals and well-written copy that will resonate with your target audience. Use colorful, eye-catching images that not only fit in well with your ad units but also attract eyeballs in the newsfeed. Pro tip: Facebook recommends showing people using your product or service in images whenever possible. 
As for the ad's copy, make sure it's laser-focused on triggering emotions or solving one or more pain points. Rather than compose a headline and description about your products, write about the issues that your offerings can solve. Experiment using urgency-evoking words like “last chance" and “limited time." It's an old sales tactic that aims to give people the reason to act immediately or miss out on a great offer. 
4. Create a Killer Landing Page
It's important to connect your targeted Facebook ad to a dedicated landing page. The landing page design should complement the ad; it should have similar images, fonts, colors and copy. If your aim is to capture visitors' contact information, use a lead magnet like a cheat sheet or a short case study on your landing page — in order to download, the user must enter their contact information. 
When it comes to the landing page URL, don't make it harder than it needs to be. If you're an expert in your niche (or are trying to establish yourself as one) use your name as your landing page domain. Build further authority by hosting your landing page on a .PRO domain ( Going .PRO not only enhances your credibility, but also establishes trust, which in turn can help you convert incoming traffic into paying customers. 
Remember, the top-performing ad campaigns don't use magic. Nailing down the best ad unit and landing page requires research and testing. Before you gear your budget towards a particular idea, create a few variations to see how well your audience reacts. Conducting a little experiment is the best way to optimize your ad campaign and give your audience what they expect. 
Facebook advertising is a powerful tool with robust options, and given its supremacy over other digital advertising mediums, you should be running Facebook ads in some capacity, even if it's just for $10 per day.
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Tuesday, August 15, 2017